What is ShowGo?

ShowGo is created to let you search and find entertainers, performers and freelancers from all over the world! If you need a DJ for your party, ShowGo is the place to find him! If you need a dancer for your event, ShowGo is the place to find her! Or if you need a freelancing sound technician, ShowGo is the right place to look! Welcome to ShowGo

Team ShowGo


CEO and founder of ShowGo.
Stefanis an entrepreneur who works 24/7 and who's always happy to hear new brilliant ideas and meet likeminded people! Contact me: stefan@showgo.se


Isak is Stefans right hand and our creativewriter. He composites all our emails and social media content. Contact me: isak@showgo.se


Åsa is in charge of ShowGo's customer services.
Shes the one to contact if you'llstumble upon any faults or if you haveanyquestions regarding our services. Contact me: asa@showgo.se


Darek is one of ShowGo's programmers.He is responsible for the back-end code ofthe website, and the brain behind the smartand simple system. Contact me: darek@showgo.se